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Jessie J speaks from her heart on twitter!

Jessie made a first tweet today at 5.23pm GMT saying: 

Can I be totally honest for a minute?….

Her fans, also known as “Heartbeats” were going crazy wondering what she had to say, a tweet shortly followed her first tweet saying: 

I was in and out of hospital with REAL health scares my whole childhood.I have a irregular heartbeat I’ve had all my life&I suffered a minor stroke at 18… TBC

She went onto saying… 

Music was&always will be my way to inspire&prove to myself I could get better&give me hope when I was young. Songs like BWR don’t hide that

As her fans know, by “BWR” she is referring to her song “Big white room” which she had written at the age of 17. Jessie continued to send us tweets: 

Every interview I did when I 1st bought my music out I was asked how I pulled through&kept;going through the health problems I had when I was young & I always said ‘Because I wanted to prove you can’

The media supported that I represent so many young people that suffer in silence&are;dealing with illness but still have dreams just like everybody else… TBC

Then I go on #thevoiceuk & stories are like boomerangs the media tries to throw them away but just keep coming back. Lazy. I am sure I have read the ‘health scare’ story about Cheryl, Tulisa, Kelly the list is endless. Its an easy believable but untrue way the media works.

But I will say this. My health is a very important part of my life & I don’t take lightly to the media making a joke about it. I have made huge sacrifices to making sure my body and mind can deal with my life & I am happy I am healthy & I am trying to make the UK proud.

It’s believed Jessie was referring to the latest news headlines such as this: 

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Jessie J covering Rihannas’ song “We found love”, this is a must-hear guys!


“Just go, and leave me alone.”


“Just go, and leave me alone.”

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“Just be true to who you are.”


“Just be true to who you are.”

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Jessie J’s official music video to “Who You Are”. The official HD version will be at some time soon!

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James Morrison (Feat. Jessie J) - Up

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Jessie’s 5th single…

Jessie J has revealed the title of her next single.

The UK single release schedule names ‘Who You Are’ as the fifth song to be lifted from the star’s debut album of the same title.

‘Who You Are’ is currently being listed for a November 7 release, while That Grape Juice reports that a video for the track has already been filmed.

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Jessie J performing Who’s Laughing Now on Red or Black 08/09/11

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Domino, out on iTunes!

Support Jessie J & buy Domino from iTunes, her latest US Single!

Jessie J at the VMAs.

Jessie J at the VMAs.

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David Guetta ft Jessie J - ‘Repeat